Conquer Ninja Gym

Chuck Modell August 7th, 2018

The latest entry in the specialty fitness business is a relatively unique concept, Conquer Ninja Gyms. The people behind the brand are Jake Marshman and Zach Braid, who have always had a passion for keeping people healthy and active. They founded the Conquer Ninja concept in 2015 as a place for athletes to train for ninja-style competitions. They quickly saw that their gyms were not only providing top-notch training for ninja athletes who were competing on a national level, but they were also attracting a broad range of people interested in using their high-quality obstacle courses for recreational purposes.

Conquer Ninja operates 4 locations in Minnesota. Their gyms attract participants ranging from children, ages 5 and up, to world class athletes. A significant part of their business model consists of booking special events, including various groups, children’s birthday parties and field trips. One of the strengths of the concept is that the company’s founders identified a way to combine the gym format with the culture of ninja competitions in a way that is accessible for families, groups and people of all ages.

Conquer Franchising was formed in June 2018 to offer Conquer Ninja franchises throughout the United States. By the end of Summer 2018, Conquer Ninja franchises should be available in as many as 40 states.




Phone: 952-378-1285