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Franchise Law Changes Facilitate Providing Financial Information to Prospective Franchisees

Chuck Modell July 26th, 2018

Questions Franchisors Should Ask Prospective Franchisees

The initial communication with a prospective franchisee will be an important tool to determine whether the prospect is a bona fide franchisee.

Sawan Patel October 25th, 2017

Who Should Sell My Franchises for Me?

A variety of tactics are used by franchisors to sell franchises, depending on the system and the age.

Chuck Modell September 6th, 2017

Franchising Your Business – Avoid the Biggest Mistake

Selecting the first few franchisees who will be your brand ambassadors is critical.

Chuck Modell August 30th, 2017

Negotiating a Franchise Agreement with a Franchisee

Sawan Patel November 17th, 2016