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An inside look at our thoughts on franchising

Giving Up Control Without Losing Control

Franchisors will need to give up day-to-day control to franchisees, but they can do so without losing control.

Sawan Patel January 15th, 2019

Rule No. 1 – Choose Carefully

Franchising requires franchisors make critical decisions at various junctures. Make sure you choose wisely.

Chuck Modell December 4th, 2018

Questions Franchisors Should Ask Prospective Franchisees

The initial communication with a prospective franchisee will be an important tool to determine whether the prospect is a bona fide franchisee.

Sawan Patel October 25th, 2017

Franchising Your Business – Avoid the Biggest Mistake

Selecting the first few franchisees who will be your brand ambassadors is critical.

Chuck Modell August 30th, 2017

Negotiating a Franchise Agreement with a Franchisee

Sawan Patel November 17th, 2016